Anyone who has ever been pregnant will understand this cartoon perfectly.  Especially if you are currently in your 36-40 week. 
It is okay to laugh and enjoy the crazy time that surrounds the birth of a baby.  Happy mommies grow happy babies!

Breath.  One of the most common methods for women to deal with stress and pain during a natural childbirth. 

Breathing.  Focusing on the flow of air into and out of the body.   A conscious controlled effort to slow down and take control of the breathing process. 

With each intake of air we open up our body to new possibilities and when we let that air escape we allow ourselves to let go and trust the Universe to provide for our needs.  It is a powerful tool that connects us with the world around us.  With the simple exchange of air we actually become part of the universe and it becomes part of us.  We gain strength from being part of something bigger than ourselves.  Remember this.  Remember that you are part of something powerful and amazing and that you can accomplish anything.   

Get in the habit of focusing on your breath.  Notice how it speeds up when you are upset and also when you are excited.  Take a moment, next time you are fully enjoying life, to remember what your breath feels like.  Memorize the motion.  When you are in labor you can come back to that moment--that feeling of bliss--and make it happen again by mimicking the same pattern of breath. 

Breath in, breath out, and relax and enjoy.

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