If you are considering a natural childbirth, know that you are going to be laughed at, poked, prodded, questioned and envied for your decision. How do you overcome the negativity to reach your goal?  Here are a few tips:

1. Love yourself. This is the first and most important part of the process. The popular public speaker and author Mike Robbins said, "When we truly love ourselves, most of what we worry about and even much of what we strive for in life becomes meaningless. We may still have some worries, and we'll definitely continue to have goals, dreams and desires. However, from a place of true self appreciation and self love, the fear behind our worries and the motivation for our goals dramatically changes from something we have to avoid or produce in order to be accepted and valued to something we're genuinely concerned about or really want to accomplish." When we love ourselves, our goals become part of who we are and we are not effected by the thoughts and actions of others around us. We know of our true power and are able to believe in our ability to accomplish the tasks we set out to do.

2. Learn to laugh. Being pregnant is a lot of work. Our bodies are in a constant state of change. Hormone levels fluctuate and cause emotions to seem out of control. If you can learn to take a step back and laugh at yourself, it really does relieve stress. Being happy allows you to avoid taking other people's comments too seriously. If you can keep a real smile on your face, you aren't likely to be offended.

3. Speak about yourself positively. Women are amazing. Birth is such an empowering experience. As a pregnant women you are actually creating life. What could be more important that that? If you are to have the confidence necessary to have a natural childbirth, when it seems no one else believes you can do it, you need to talk about yourself as you truly are. Recognize your true divine nature. Speak about your abilities in a positive way. If you believe in yourself, others will also.

4. Surround yourself with cheerleaders. You might not be able to control what people think, but you can control who you spend time with. Pick people who have the same beliefs as you do. Find the friends that will boost you up and cheer you on towards your goals. Take some time away from those who doubt you or put you down. You don't have time for negativity! If you tell your friends and family how you feel about having a natural childbirth, and ask for their support, there will be plenty of them that will surround your with their love and support. Spend your time with them.

5. Prepare your mind and body. Birth is natural. Women were born to have babies. It is innate. But, things do go more smoothly when you have prepared your mind and body to deal with it. Learn how to relax. Spend time each day meditating. Focus on your breathing and how you can control your emotions with your breath. Memorize positive affirmation statements about womanhood and birth to give you confidence. There are many free programs available to women at local hospitals and women's centers. Attend some. Knowledge is power. The more you understand about the birth process the better. Fear is replaced with confidence.

You have the right to create the birth you desire. Don't let other people influence your decision to have a natural childbirth. It is an amazing experience. You can do it!


Breath.  One of the most common methods for women to deal with stress and pain during a natural childbirth. 

Breathing.  Focusing on the flow of air into and out of the body.   A conscious controlled effort to slow down and take control of the breathing process. 

With each intake of air we open up our body to new possibilities and when we let that air escape we allow ourselves to let go and trust the Universe to provide for our needs.  It is a powerful tool that connects us with the world around us.  With the simple exchange of air we actually become part of the universe and it becomes part of us.  We gain strength from being part of something bigger than ourselves.  Remember this.  Remember that you are part of something powerful and amazing and that you can accomplish anything.   

Get in the habit of focusing on your breath.  Notice how it speeds up when you are upset and also when you are excited.  Take a moment, next time you are fully enjoying life, to remember what your breath feels like.  Memorize the motion.  When you are in labor you can come back to that moment--that feeling of bliss--and make it happen again by mimicking the same pattern of breath. 

Breath in, breath out, and relax and enjoy.

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